We’ve sold more than 200,000 cabinet door restraints and have a 4.8 out of 5 star review average on Here is a small sampling of what our customers have had to say. 

Perfect solution to kitchen cabinet doors opening up too far …
Perfect solution to kitchen cabinet doors opening up too far and banging into wall or exhaust hood. Hardware (cables and screws) provided was perfect. If you have basic handy man skills the install was easy. Also used on cabinet doors in laundry room and bathroom doors.

Exactly what I needed. Installation was a breeze
Exactly what I needed. Installation was a breeze, two screws and you’re done. Needed the cable to keep my kitchen cabinet from hitting my fridge and the second for a bathroom vanity door from hitting the wall.

Stress reliever
We just spent a frighteningly large amount of money remodeling our kitchen. The new cabinets have those automatic hinges that open and close on their own. One of the cabinet doors was banging into the handle of the one next to it when it was opened and was already leaving a mark. This gizmo is the perfect solution. Now I can stop cringing every time I open that cabinet!

They Work!
Exactly what I needed! No more fear of breaking my glass pendant light above bar by the door slamming into it! Super easy installation–took less then five minutes. Once installed the cable restraint fold easily into cabinet for neat look. Added bonus is that they work with my easy close cabinet doors!

Works like a charm
Great product.

Great product!
This kit was exactly what I was looking for to keep my cabinet doors from banging into my new appliances. The product is well made and comes with the necessary hardware for mounting. Installation was a breeze.

Love them! I just bought a new house and noticed the cabinets were hitting the appliances and other doors. These are perfect.

Saving our wall from holes
We recently remodeled a bathroom and added a linen cabinet. The handle on the cabinet door hits the adjoining wall when the door is opened fully, and we knew we would soon have a hole in our newly painted wall if we didn’t do something about it. So I started searching on Amazon and decided to try these door restraints. The 2-pack was perfect because there is one large door and a smaller top door. We attached the restraint to the inside of each door and to the frame of the cabinet. It works perfectly so far. The chains do not interfere with the function of the cabinet and they are very inconspicuous.

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