Cabinet Door Restraints

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Are you wondering how to keep your cabinet doors from swinging open too far? Are your cabinet doors hitting a wall? Are your cabinet doors hitting an appliance? Are your cabinet doors hitting a pendant light? Are your cabinet doors hitting another cabinet? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we have the perfect, simple solution for you.

Our strong, flexible, vinyl-coated, American made, stainless steel cabinet door stop kits are the perfect, simple solution for limiting the door swing of your kitchen cabinet, bath cabinet, bar cabinet, RV cabinet, or storage cabinet doors.

Superior Strength and Stainless Steel Quality

Our cabinet door stopper is made with flexible 304, 7×7 stainless steel rope for superior strength and long-lasting, trouble-free operation for years to come – even in the harshest of environments like beachfront homes, condos, boats or yachts.  The stainless steel material will withstand the ever powerful forces of mother nature and resist rusting due to the salty sea air environment.


The stainless steel rope, while being extremely durable is also very flexible. When installed properly, the door restraint folds neatly out of the way when closing the cabinet door.

Limitless Adjustability

The door opening angle is fully adjustable before final installation. You control the mounting points to customize the final door opening angle. The opening angle of the door is determined by where you mount the cabinet door restraint. Other types of plastic hinge restrictor clips are prone to breaking and only offer a single opening angle. Our stainless steel restraints are made for a lifetime of use and let you determine the perfect opening angle for your doors.

Why Not Use Plastic Restrictor Clips?

Our stainless steel cabinet door restraints are the superior choice compared to the plastic hinge restriction clips offered by others. Here’s why:

By comparison, here are some of the benefits of our stainless steel cabinet door restraints:

Detailed Installation Instructions

Our cabinet door swing limiter is provided with detailed installation instructions for a quick and easy do-it-yourself installation. Or, better yet, watch our extremely detailed installation video. There’s no need to hire a professional. You’ve got this.  We’ve thought of everything.

Free Mounting Hardware

For the restraint packs sold on Amazon, free mounting screws are included in every pack saving you a separate trip to the hardware store.

Important Note

You may wonder why our cabinet door restraint kits come with screws that are “only” 1/2″ in length. There is a very good reason for this and it’s been thoroughly thought out. Having been in the remodeling industry for more than 25 years, we’ve seen many cabinet manufacturers build their cabinetry with cabinet tops and cabinet bottoms that are made with material that is only 1/2″ in thickness. Longer screws would simply be too long and would come out the other side of the cabinet top or bottom. While also providing the needed strength, the 1/2″ long screws we provide are also the safest solution for nearly 100% of all installations.

Durable Nylon Coating and Silent Operation

Our cabinet door restraint cable is nylon coated to protect surrounding surfaces. Our door restraints will not kink or make noise like traditional chain stops.

Free Technical Support

Do you need some advice installing your cabinet door restraints? Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Keep Your Home Safe From Damage

Keeping your home in nice condition is tough enough already. Our cabinet door restraints make it easy to prevent your cabinet doors from swinging open too far. Investing only five minutes of your time can prevent the cabinet door knob, pull or handle from damaging adjacent walls, mirrors, cabinets, towel bars, shower doors, toilets or appliances.

Our cabinet door restraint kits are the perfect way to prevent damage to your home, boat, camper or RV.

Prevent cabinet door from opening too far.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting the wall.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting a pendant light.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting another cabinet.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting the dishwasher.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting the microwave.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting the refrigerator.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting the oven.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting the stove.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting the range.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting the vent hood.
Prevent cabinet door from hitting the exhaust hood.

Keep your home ding-free.